Posted by: Spenceee | December 26, 2009

When Less Is Not More

Tony Abbot PhotoSo many people in our great country, our democracy, think that we have only two choices at the ballot box, left or right, less or more, Labor or Coalition. No one is truly willing to discuss the issues that we face today and are more than happy to complain when solutions to a problem are put forward, but never can offer a solution of their own. We currently have a federal opposition leader who believes that an opposition cannot win an election but only that a government can lose it. They believe that it is not their job to put forward real alternatives to policy and legislation but to challenge the government on anything at all no matter how trivial if it gets them into the news.

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Posted by: Spenceee | December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

Just want to wish everyone a merry merry christmas. I’m also using this as an excuse to use wordpress from my iPhone!

Well best of luck to everyone and I’ll hopefully keep this more up to date in the future!

Posted by: Spenceee | November 15, 2009


Still new to WordPress but I’m hoping that I won’t need to put my code snippets up as images to make them look pretty.

var result = from user in users
where user.HasClue == true
select user

Here’s hoping that query returns something 🙂

I hope that this is the first of many entries here on issues which are important to me. As I am not a student of either politics or english, please forgive me if my prose and arguments aren’t as eloquent or developed as you might be used to. I do however hope that I can challenge your perceptions or invite a critique that challenges my own (note that I value the latter as much if not more than the former.) One of the reasons I’m writing this is to expand my learning and influences to truly understand how our country works, or indeed how it doesn’t.

Whether you consider this a strength or weakness in my character, I consider myself as an idealist. I believe that people, systems and organisations can work as they are meant to. Furthermore I believe that real and lasting change for the better can be achieved, if there is real leadership exhibited. If you approach my discourse from this point of view then you should not only understand my point of view better but hopefully my arguments as well.

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